How to appear on the homepage?

Divisare posts hundreds of projects every day, but less than ten or so are chosen for the homepage, or among the selected projects. The visibility of a project is decided by the curators of Divisare; their job is to choose the most interesting works, with the sole aim of offering the best possible service to our readers.

There is no way to interfere with their choices, but we can provide some tips on what makes a project “suitable” for selection.

The first step to being eligible for all levels of editorial coverage is to submit your work.
Find an easy guide to submission at this link.

Texts and images of professional quality
Avoid communicating your work with unprofessional materials. Often a good project can be excluded because it is has been described or photographed in an unprofessional way.

Complete info
A profile with all the necessary information to understand a project is definitely a plus to attract our curators. A sufficient number of photographs, the inclusion of plans, elevations and sections, together with clear descriptive writing, are all useful. Construction details also bring high marks.

Sufficient number of images
In general, projects should have from 6 to 20 pictures. Projects with only 2 or 3 seldom make it to the homepage.

Large images
Large image format is very important. A width of 3000 pixels is ideal. If the images are too small they will not be clear.

Cover choice
The cover is the first image displayed, the one that appears in the listings and on your personal page. Choosing the best possible cover image is definitely a good way to improve its chances of selection.

Pay attention to photographers
If your project was photographed by a professional, first of all make sure you have permission to publish the images. If in doubt, we advise you to check at this link. Even if you have the right to use the pictures, it is always advisable to credit the photographer.

Always credit photographers
Make sure the photographer’s name always appears below his or her pictures.

Pay attention to the other designers
If the project is signed by other designers, mention them in the CO-OWNERS section and the “Project Group” section of the credit list.