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Do you have a project or a photographic report you would like to see published on divisare? Good! Please send it and we will give it serious attention. But first read the following instructions to be sure of doing it right.

Terms and Conditions

By sending your work you accept our Terms and Conditions. So first off, please make sure you have read them carefully because they have important legal information.

What to send?

Built and unbuilt architectural projects or photographic reports of individual buildings.


Just send a selection of your best images that tell the story of your project in terms we can immediately understand. Attach a zipped folder to your e-mail or send a link to a file sharing site so that we have a complete project.

To which e-mail address?

If it is an architectural project:
[email protected]
If it is a photo report:
[email protected]

What do you mean by complete project?

Architecture Projects: concept sketches, photos of the model, technical drawings (plans, sections, elevations, important details) description, complete list of credits of the authors collaborators and, if built, the photos of the building. All images in jpeg. Photographic Reports: the photographs of the building and essential information about it: name, place, date of construction, the architect who designed it and name of the photographer.
Remember that you MUST hold all permissions for copyright of the material you send. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.
What happens once the material is sent?
If we like what you have sent us we will write back. Maybe not immediately because we receive a lot of proposals for publication, and selecting them carefully takes time.

And if my work is not published?

Well, don’t take it too badly. Each to his/her own, as they say. There are plenty of sites out there and you’re sure to find the one for you.

Have you any advice on the criteria for selection?

Yes. Prepare the material you select carefully. This is very important. Often a good project is not selected because it is not described or photographed professionally. All published projects are carefully examined by our curators. The criteria for visibility are many, and it is impossible to list them all here. The main ones are:

  1. Project Quality
  2. Project Type: construction, competition, research…
  3. Presentation: descriptive text, quality and quantity of images, pictures by professional photographers, drawings (plans, elevations, sections, construction details, etc.)
  4. Author: research, background, age.

We curate an archive of contemporary architecture, to give visibility to a carefully selected range of projects. We aim to offer the best possible service to our readers. We receive dozens of projects every day, though very few are selected.

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