What Our Readers Say about Us

In 2018 we ran the risk of bankruptcy. The costs of managing a database with millions of images grew exponentially day by day, becoming unfeasible. We were suffocated by too much information and unable to handle it any longer. Apart from economic issues, we began to wonder if that supply of information that grew by hundreds of new projects each day actually made sense. It seemed useless, because after all the same projects we posted could easily be located elsewhere, especially on the social networks. We felt the need to take a break and think it over. In December 2018, with forewarning of only three weeks, we pulled the plug. After nearly 20 years of activity, our site was no longer on line.

At that point something unexpected happened. We began to get email messages from our readers, dozens every day, all expressing affection and nearly all including the same request: “come back.” So we realized all our work had not been done in vain. And thanks to our loyal readership (and their ongoing support) In June 2019 we turned our servers back on.
We have posted a selection of these email messages here. With just one exception, they arrived just a few hours after the announcement of our closing. These are the first 50 out of over 1000 email messages of encouragement and esteem we received during the months when we remained offline. Thanks to these messages, we have found the stimulus and energy to begin again.

Heartfelt thanks to all!

Lloyd Marcus Andresen and Tommaso Passi