Terms and Conditions

  1. The following conditions apply when you send your work in any form to divisare i.e. when you send your projects in the form of drawings, photographs, images, texts, videos or any other means used to illustrate your project. They apply exclusively to material for the divisare website and newsletter.
  2. In submitting your projects, texts or photographs, you agree to the terms and conditions as described below.
  3. You grant us the license to publish your work:
    • free of charge and free of royalties,
    • for as long as you decide. As author of the project or photograph (licensee) you can withdraw your permission to publish by sending an email to that effect to [email protected].
  4. You acknowledge and accept that we have the right to:
    • edit, and adapt any material you send without your prior approval, e.g. edit, summarise, correct texts, add captions or credits of possible co-authors/collaborators of the project or its presentation e.g. photo credits;
    • decide not to publish the material you send us;
    • remove any material at any time from our website.
  5. You legally warrant that:
    • none of the content sent by you infringes any rights by third parties (including copyrights, trademarks) nor otherwise infringes the law;
    • that you have full powers to grant all intellectual property rights, present and future, of the content that you have sent; in particular photographer’s copyright;
    • that you have informed us of all authors and collaborators of the project including the photographer(s)
  6. You agree that you will immediately notify us by e-mail at [email protected] if a third party threatens to make, or advances a claim regarding the infringement of its rights or makes any claim regarding the rights granted according to paragraph 3. You agree to provide us with any details and any assistance that we may reasonably require regarding any claim threatened or advanced.
  7. You agree to indemnify us against all liabilities costs or damages arising from any infringement of any of the guaranteed in paragraphs 5 and 6.
  8. You are aware that we may update these terms and conditions at any time and so, each time you send material, you are obliged to check the said terms and conditions. They have last been updated on the 19th October 2019.
  9. These terms and any dispute or claim arising from them are construed and will be interpreted in conformity with Italian Law.

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