Tips for preparing the materials to submit

The DIVISARE team suggest you to self-publish your works because it's the best way to bring them online quickly and let our team free to focus on their communication only. Nevertheless, curators always seek for outstanding projects to be showcased. That's way, sometimes, the publications are curated in-house. Here are the guidelines to prepare the necessary documentation for a high-standard publication.

Written documentation, best if in English (.pdf or .doc):
  • title
  • abstract (up to 300 characters, not mandatory)
  • project description (up to 1000 words, not mandatory but suggested)
  • location (country/city)
  • status
  • year of design/completion
  • building type
  • complete list of authors (designers and photographers)
  • fact sheet, if available

Visual documentation (photos, drawings, video):
  • only .jpg (no .pdf .tiff .png)
  • best resolution: 72dpi
  • best dimension: 2000 to 3000 px wide
  • saved for web, lighter than 5Mb (photoshop/file/save-for-web)
  • avoid watermarks, borders, frames, and multiple images
  • video URL supported from Youtube and Vimeo

If you aspire for your project to be “suitable” for selection, you can find some more tips here.

Remember that you are responsible for the documentation you are sharing. Please, be sure you own the right to its use. Here you can find our terms of use.

In the case of multiple projects, please organize them in separate folders named with the title of the project. Then you can zip them all together and email us via wetransfer.com to the curator you are in contact with.

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