How can I add co-owners and photographers credits?

If your project was photographed by a professional, first of all make sure you have permission to publish the images. If in doubt, we advise you to check at this link. Even if you have the right to use the pictures, it is always advisable to credit the photographer and make sure the photographer’s name always appears below his or her pictures.

You can mention co-designers and photographers at step #2
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If you can't find designers or photographers on the list, it means they don't have an account on DIVISARE.

In this case, credit them manually at step #4.
Then you can invite them to create their own account or write us so we'll create it for them.
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In case you want to credit each image specifying copyrights properly,
you can do it at step #3. Click on the small wheel below each image and then select "Change author" to edit credits manually.
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