Terms of service

DIVISARE is the largest archive of contemporary architecture on the web. To date, the projects posted on DIVISARE are almost 150,000 in number, growing at a rate of hundreds of projects per day. The goal of DIVISARE is to communicate and grant visibility to a careful selection of these projects. Our objective is to offer the best possible service to our readers. Third parties cannot interfere in any way with our selection criteria.

Your rights

  • You can open an account on DIVISARE to create collections of your favorite projects.
  • You can create your own page (DIVISARE WEBSITE) as a designer or photographer and personalize it with your contacts and a biographical/descriptive note.
  • You can post the projects of which you are the designer or the photographer.
  • You can share a project with other people, making their name appear together with yours over the title of the project, as long as those people have already opened a designer account at DIVISARE. Likewise, you can make the name of the photographer appear under the title of the project (accompanied by the caption “photos by”) only if he or she has an account as a photographer on DIVISARE. If co-creators and photographers do not have a DIVISARE page, until they get one you can include their names in the project credits.
  • If you want to post photographs not taken by you and for which you have not obtained the copyright you can send them to [email protected] with the contact info for the photographer. We will contact the photographer to request permission to publish.
  • You can erase all the information you have posted on DIVISARE at any time.
  • Your personal data will not be shared with anyone without your express consent.
  • You have the right to receive a written explanation if your account — for the reasons listed below — is canceled.
  • You will always be treated with respect and discretion.
Your duties

  • Do not post material that is not of your creation. In particular, do not publish photographs not taken by you or photographs for which you have not obtained the right to publish.
  • Remember to always indicate the co-creators of projects in the credits, and the names of photographers.
  • Do not post advertising messages of any kind.
  • Do not post obscene or offensive material.
  • DIVISARE is not your personal blog, but an archive of contemporary architecture. Avoid publishing pages that are not precisely devoted to the communication of an architectural project, and do not publish an excessive number of projects (over 100 projects in one year, for example).
DIVISARE is a website that belongs to europaconcorsi.srl, a company based in Italy. By using the DIVISARE site you agree to be subject to the laws of the Italian state. For any dispute, the jurisdiction is that of the Court of Rome.

If you want to contact DIVISARE's team, email us or write us at:
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