Last year we’ve introduced DIVISARE BOOKS, our first editorial project. It has been successful with over 150 issues released and 15,000 copies sold.

Now we’re introducing DIVISARE WEBSITES, a revolutionary way to present architects and photographers’ work. As commonly happens, all architects and photographers manage their own website, as well as a portfolio on DIVISARE. We simply turn all DIVISARE portfolios into completely customizable new DIVISARE WEBSITES. In one go, you can have a website plus your coverage on DIVISARE. DIVISARE WEBSITES are fully customizable with 22 new templates, different settings, personal domain and more features available soon.

See the video introduction to DIVISARE WEBSITES

Why is it revolutionary? 
DIVISARE WEBSITES is not just a new tool for building websites. It ensures excellent SEO positioning on Google search engines and visibility through DIVISARE pages. All projects published on your DIVISARE WEBSITE will automatically be stored in our archive. In this way, your work can be selected by our curators to become part of the Atlas of Architecture, the largest library of contemporary architecture online to date, founded in 1998.

How do I create a DIVISARE WEBSITE?
If you've an account on DIVISARE, you already have your DIVISARE WEBSITE. Login and start to customize it as you wish.
If you are not registered yet, write to [email protected] and we'll create your new account.

Nothing has changed on DIVISARE
If you think that something has changed on DIVISARE, you're wrong. Our work is still to look for the best architectural projects to be presented to our readers every day. Even the structure of our pages has not changed: in the project page architects and photographers are link to their personal DIVISARE WEBSITES and you can still find the list of atlas where the project has been included, as well the link to the Homepages and Journals where it has been showcased.

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