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DIVISARE WEBSITES is the first tool that allows you to build your website and ensures great visibility to your work.

How do I create a DIVISARE WEBSITE?
Nothing easier! Sign in to start editing your website by DIVISARE. If you are not registered yet, you can sign up here. If the registration form is disabled, you can write to [email protected] to get your new account!

Learn how to use DIVISARE WEBSITES and start your new website.

How can I change template and customize it?
In few steps you can choose over a hundred options to make your website unique.

Can I edit the page "PROJECTS"?
Yes, of course!

How can I delete a duplicate or unwanted website?
Email us and we'll help to go through it.
Remember that only the DIVISARE staff can delete accounts and deletion is permanent. In the case of multiple accounts, we can migrate projects from one to another.

How to monitoring the SEO?
We made it easy for you.

How do I edit the menu?
Use the menu editor to add new pages and customize how it looks.

I want to submit a project. How should I do?
Submission is very easy. Find here the tutorial and more tips.

Are there restrictions in the number of project I can publish?
No. You can upload as many projects as you want whenever you want.

How do I edit, unpublish, or delete a project?
Editing, hiding or deleting a project is very simple.

How can I add co-owners and photographers credits?
DIVISARE respects everyone's work.

What is DIVISARE editorial coverage?
DIVISARE showcases the most interesting projects published on DIVISARE WEBSITES every day.
Discover how to monitoring and boosting your coverage.


What's the difference between an account and a website?
Registered users have an account on DIVISARE. The account allows them to log in, create collections, and access special contents like newsletters.
If you publish a project, at the time of the first publication, you'll be asked to create a DIVISARE WEBSITE as designer or photographer. DIVISARE WEBSITE is the place where all your projects are collected. It has a customizable domain and you can manage it adding a cover, an impressum, and much more.

How do I create a new account?
Just sign up here! If the registration form is disabled, you can write to [email protected] and we'll create your new account!

What can I do if I forgot my password?
Don't worry, you can reset it!

We have an account on DIVISARE but we don't know who the admin is. What do we do?
Email us the URL of your DIVISARE WEBSITE and the email address you want us to join to it as administrator.

How do I delete my account?
Email us and we'll do it for you.


What does DIVISARE mean?
DIVISARE means imagining, designing with the mind, literally “to devise”.

Why Atlas?
We have decided to build DIVISARE like an atlas.

What is and how to use Atlas of architecture?
We have collected the best architecture of the last 20 years in hundreds of albums. Here's a brief guide on how to use it.

What are the Collections and how do I create them?
All DIVISARE members are welcome to create as many collections, or sets of projects, as they'd like.

How do I get my project onto the homepage?
Curators of DIVISARE select the most interesting projects among the hundreds submitted every day by our users. Here are some tips on what makes a project “suitable” for selection.

How do I get my project onto other levels of editorial coverage?
If you'd like to see you project being featured in a newsletter and the Atlas of Architecture, follow the same tips valid for the homepage.

Can't find what you need?
Email us: [email protected]