Architettura italiana (.com)

We feel the need to pay closer attention to Italian architecture. We think that with its enormous reserves of forms, memories and visions, and in spite of its ongoing ups and downs, Italian architecture today is splendid.

Over the last 16 years we have watched forceful, magnificent ideas of architecture take form and grow. But we have seen few works completed, and many important projects have been left on paper.

Above all — and this is the factor, in our view, that sets Italian architecture apart today — we have seen the construction, never easy, almost always with daunting difficulties, of a boundless list of minute architectures, an imaginative repertoire of small and heroic opportunities to make Architecture.
This infinite catalogue of small and at times miniscule Architecture, together with a handful of important constructions and a disturbing multitude of squandered opportunities, make Italian architecture today an extremely vital, interesting scenario. We are certain that much more can be done to communicate it better, both in Italy and abroad.
This is the reasoning behind architettura-italiana.com.

Architettura italiana
will be a completely new site, but not one that starts from scratch. It sets off with 16 years of work and experience, almost 80,000 designers on board, and over 100,000 projects in its archives.