Slow web

The job of recording and documenting contemporary architecture has shifted from the printed page to the web. The story of contemporary architecture no longer stays still in our bookstores, but runs rapidly across the screens of our electronic devices.
With almost 20 years of history behind it, and over 140,000 projects, Divisare is the largest existing archive of contemporary architecture. But it is not enough to gather information.
More can be done.

Our wager is to offer a place where this information can become knowledge.
Knowledge is the result of a slow process of assimilation; it takes time, and a lot of concentration. Our knowledge is composed of acquired information (which our mind has “absorbed”). It is part of us, forming our character and our ideas.
On the Internet information flashes by quickly, in haste and distraction. It is not “absorbed” but “used” together with lots of noise and constant urging to get distracted, to go elsewhere, to do something else.

Click me. Like me. Tweet me. Share me.

Instead of the fast, distracting web, we prefer a slow, careful one.

Instead of information hastily received, we prefer knowledge calmly absorbed.
This is why we have made a totally new website, where you can perceive architecture quietly, without distractions.

No click — like — tweet — share. No ads, banners, pop-ups.

Just architecture, nothing else.