In April 2016 we began to publish the divisare books. An initial, very small step outside the web. Simple booklets in A5 format, a few dozen pages each, digitally printed and held together by staples. The contents were varied, but mostly the same things we were posting on the web. The idea was simple: printed paper instead of pixels. We certainly didn’t expect to make money; we simply wanted to invite our readers to get away from the screens of their devices for a moment, to sit back in a favorite armchair and enjoy a good read, as happened in the past. We were not kidding ourselves; of course our divisare books would not be a smashing publishing success, but we didn’t care. We decided to do it anyway. But we were mistaken. The first divisare books sold out in just a few weeks. In one year we published 240 titles and sold thousands and thousands of copies. The old Divisare Books are now all sold out