Divisare Books is a high-quality, independent editorial project dedicated to architecture documents, a modular publication of monographic issues each tackling a different topic: drawings collections, photographic surveys, visual essays, short writings, interviews, etc.

Paolo Antonacci, Domenica Bona
Series Design Concept
Elisa Chieruzzi
Europaconcorsi Srl
Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 3
00196 Rome, Italy
Printed by PressUp, Rome, Italy, shipped by OML Berlin, Germany
4/6 times per month
24/44 pages, 15cm × 21cm
Cover/Content 250/140gm² Cyclus Offset, a 100% de-inked recycled and PCF (Process Chlorine Free) paper, produced in France by Arjowiggins with carbon-neutral energy and certified by Blue Angel, EU eco-label, FSC Recycled and as Age-resistant paper suitable for archives.
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