The project aims to restore and re-design a ‘70s household in the outskirts of Bari.
The planning of the domestic space involves a redefinition both of the distribution of the interior spaces and a new configuration of the systems design.
This also involves the replacement of the room partitions, in order to arrange services rooms along the sides, attached to the border lots.
The living area, more than other areas, has undergone a complete refurbishment : the existing walkway at the raised ground floor was extended, by building an access ramp to allow the entrance to the house directly from the living room. , on the upper level, it has been extended.
The design of the furniture has reinforced the room layout at both levels. In the living area a new kitchen block has been created, with a peninsula; to its front a multifunctional piece of furniture has been applied, mediated by a covered pillar, which is the light fulcrum of the conversation area

The new subdivision is thus coherent to the design criteria which involves the rearrangement of the funtional spaces along the border walls of the house, as blocks which make up a perimeter compact mass, integrating the pre-existing stairs into the service system. This intervention allows to gain more space for the living room, which is related to the kitchen block, identified in the layout’s core. At the first floor, the central core, made by the wardrobe and the passageway, in turn becomes the ordering block of the bedroom area.