Project for Installation

"Splendida villa con giardino, viste incantevoli" Matteo Negri's Exhibition

Installation of the exibition “Splendida villa con giardino, viste incantevoli”, solo art show of the artist Matteo Negri, curated by Daniele Capra, realized for the cultural association Casa Testori, Novate Milanese, 2016.

The artworks are placed in the ground floor of Casa Testori and can only be observed from the garden, through the windows. The artist searches for a subversion of the viewer's habitual point of view, so the visitor is brought to find a more personal relationship with the work.
Little stairways and thin platforms are designed to reach the height of the windowsill, these light devices with a strong personality gently adhere to the storical building, declaring – also trough the magenta coloring, agreed with the artist- their contemporaneity and their strenght.
The presence of these spot elements is connected to the artist’s thought, wich pushes the visitor to metaphorically change his point of view through a physical movement in the natural spaces of the garden, polarizing the path in some stops that bring visions and personal experience.