Appearing Sculptural

Six experimental short films on the most sculptural works of the Austrian studio Marte.Marte Architects.

The topic

“Appearing Sculptural” takes a dynamic, cinematic approach to the past works of the Austrian studio Marte.Marte Architects - such as their award-winning Mountain Cabin in Laterns or their distinctive concrete bridges on the impressive road from the city of Dornbirn to the hamlet of Ebnit, which picturesquely situated by the well of a river at the foot of scenic mountains.
“Appearing Sculptural“ is an audiovisual series - consisting of six short films – created by the photographer and experimental filmmaker Andreas Waldschütz, who unconventionally and sensually re-staged Marte.Marte ́s most sculptural buildings. The dark ambient-like soundtrack of composer and sound designer Stefan Ho meister is based exclusively on field-recordings on site.

The videos were displayed at the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture.