Can Lis, 1971-73

Photos by Chen Hao

In that distant summer tranquil, warm sunshine. John Utzon, the architect, silently sitting on the chair, engrossed in his already mythical Pedro harbor from the house of an ongoing project. Master Inside, the exquisite beauty of the sea and the sky outside. Architects in the shadows, landscape under the sun.

Beautiful scenery is built into the frame of the shadows, through those big windows are lined with precise positioning and construction of the square hole.

Shady interior space, higher than usual, which is twice the height of the mouth of the architect. Those openings are framed in a human form just to scale.

Window lintel, side walls and a bottom surface, which is composed of four sides view box, outside efforts to praise the magnificent nature: it is that ancient Mediterranean box. The audience before the final artwork into the fan.

But the architect is still sitting there, he felt, the sky too little. Beautiful sea Majorca is the fairest. The reason why he left the Nordic mist Copenhagen, because there, in front of his show is endless calm. And he came to Mallorca, because he wanted this sea. More sea.

In order to prevail the sea, in order to make beautiful sea views are captured forever in the shadow of King box, the wisdom of the Creator invented a simple building authority. In an old Druid priests of wisdom from ancestors, who will piled inside corner stone arch (trompa), knowledgeable people may be called tilt (esviaje). He tilted the window lintel, until a precise line. The two side walls blocking gather, as if to make two door half open half closed, to a precise location. While maintaining the level of the bottom surface of the charming, giving the sea support. And on the outside, is a simple not to be seen or even disappear in the glass.

Like a magician knows the secret control of space, he resorted to waving a magic wand and shouted fully applied under the Magic: the light is just right so taut, and now where there are more sea. Sea more than days. A non-marginal beauty. Utzon, master

words by Alberto Campo Baeza