An Eventual Show | EUROPAN 13

Zagreb “eventual show” propose itself as synthesis of adaptability, self-organisation and co-operation. Four empty spaces to establish a fruitful substructure for culture, social activities, art and public life in general. Four specific approaches within a common framework to revitalise four different areas of Zagreb, each one with its own surrounding and its particular “way of being”.
A core framework that use both a physical and visual connection between all the parts of each area and also between the areas themselves. An ad-hoc “infrastructure” that is unique and specific for its shape but generic and common for its meaning.
Temporary as strategic way of actively re-thinking the city with a dynamic functional planning that makes each area unique but replicable at the same time.
Temporary can’t necessarily be synonymous of low-quality if designed for and with people.
Temporary in space and time, precise in its organisation and development.
Temporary as convertible functions and spaces but not as ephemeral architectural devices.
“That could be the right bet over the future.”