This project is conceived so that externally it looks like a single entity. This is achieved by wrapping a perforated envelope around large parts of the extension and the existing building. Although this design approach strongly emphasizes the compactness of the building complex, clear references to the urban context are also made.

The major part of the volume is concentrated at the immediate point of connection to the existing building and then steps down to the small-scale structure to the south-east of the planning area.
Stepping the building in height helps to provide sufficient light and air for this area of the city, while the mass of the building responds more to the larger scale of the Osterwiese. The new significance of this area as the eastern forecourt of the Festival Building is both articulated and upgraded in urban planning terms. By cladding it with a continuous transparent screen the building at this point no longer seems like a “rear”. It is even conceivable that projections could be shown here, which would give the Osterwiese the function of an open-air auditorium, a summer outdoor cinema or similar.

Photos by Roland Halbe