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When we admire a work of architecture on the Internet, we are actually admiring the work of a photographer.

The architectural photography scene has changed enormously over the last 10 years. Digital capture, treatment, transmission and sharing of images is now the norm.

Architectural photographers in the digital age have increasingly become the authors of the visual narrative with which we perceive our constructed environment. Their vision is decisive, not only for the way we see architecture, but also for the way we understand it.

We have always acknowledge the authorship role of architectural photographers, and for this reason we have a specific section for them on our site, which over the years has become the largest and most thoroughly documented existing resource on architectural photography.


The project encompasses the design of the Centre and an urban integration plan for Nemunas Island within the celebrated university city of Kaunas. Kaunas benefits from a delightful riverine topography as well as a unique legacy of pre-war and modernist architecture.
Science Island will celebrate recent achievements in science and global technologies, with the aim of inspiring visitors to expand their knowledge and support innovation in these fields. The Centre will focus particularly on environmental themes and ecosystems, demonstrating sustainability and future energy technologies in the design of its own building.

  • Anonymous single-stage competition judged on designs
  • Three winners will be selected through the competition; each of the winners will receive an honorarium of €15,00
  • Building scheduled to open in 2018
  • Deadline for Submissions Wednesday 14 September, 2016
  • Full details of the competition are available on the dedicated website