The Expansion of the Academy of Fine Arts and its Faculty of Sculpture and Conservation in Warsaw

In expanding the Academy of Fine Arts and its Faculty of Sculpture and Conservation, new elements have been added to the school program: scenography studios, a lecture hall and some theory classrooms. The new building is yet another institution of higher education, that was created alongside the green parks facing the Vistula boulevards, contributing at the same time to the constant development of the "Warsaw Quarter Latin". The elongated courtyard, with its streamline plan and smooth, glazed windows, that were hollowed out in the massive and “rough” but rhythmical facade work as kind of a shop window that opens the new building towards the city.

The open character of the workshops, the ribbed concrete ceilings and the concrete wall plates defines the structure of the built extension and work as a continuation of the spatial concept that describe the interiors of the old building that was constructed at the beginning of the 20th Century. The architecture of the interior design and its exterior relations relate to the well-known idea of the “Open Form” formulated by Oskar Hansen, a former professor of the Academy.