APS house is located at the south of Antiparos island, Cyclades, Greece, facing a protected archaeological island, Despotikon and its ancient Apollo sanctuary. The topography is steep, creating a natural protection from the north winds, while still catching the view to the sunset. During the ‘70s, a poor urban plan was juxtaposed on the area, thus transforming it in a rare case study of Cycladic post-rural suburbia.

The brief asked for a summer house with a studio space and as many bedrooms as possible aimed to function both as an artists' residence and the owner’s summer house.

Five square volumes organized in two levels alternating with covered terraces and courtyards comprise the house. The volumes of the enclosed spaces block the side views towards the neighboring lots, while they frame the view to Despotikon. Despite the small size of the lot (1000sqm), this chequered layout produces a variety of enclosed, covered and open spaces both in scale and spatial quality. Each space has its own air and light and the ability to expand in size towards the exterior. This porous layout provides multiple scenarios of use and a continuous play with the in and out.