A viagem do Elefante — a modular cabin for the elephant Salomão

The project hereby is to propose a modular and moveable cabin for a elephant, protagonist of the terrifc romance "A viagem do Elefante" by J. Saramago.
The story is about the journey of the elephant, known as Salomão, sent to Wien from Lisbon as a gift by king Joao of Portugal to archduke Maximilian II.
Beside the extraordinary happenings of this endeavour, some severe technical issues about carrying a elephant around had drawn the attention of the reader. One of this problems is for sure the need of a shelter:
The aim of the project is to design a solution for a moveable home for the beloved Salomão.

A modular cabin for the elephant Salomão is a unnecessary project of architecture that breaks the dimension of the literature to intervine as a funny, and in the meantime serious, design solution to technical problem that belongs to the imaginary a romance.