Malababa is leather. In all kinds. In all colours. In all sizes.
At Malababa they know beauty shows up when you least expect it because it opens its own way. They also know that the most authentic beauty, like their brand, is the least obvious. It is because of this that one needs to know how to look, see, look again and see again, in order to find. This search is what marks all the past, present and future episodes of the history of Malababa.
Their present is about to write what are probably the most important lines in their history so far because, paradoxically enough, everything is beginning, precisely now. It does so physically in the new store they are opening up in calle Serrano 8, in Madrid; and spiritually, with the values their mantra stands up for: “Let us be beautiful and different: this is our wealth”.

The new Serrano-born Malababa is much more than just a space. It is the heart of the brand and it beats proudly as part of a street that represents the best of Madrid: its self-confidence, its values, its creativity, its beauty and its difference. Malababa’s driving force has always been the same from the beginning, when Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara started it in 2000: raw beauty.
There is no pretentiousness here but very natural things, such as noble materials that allow experimenting the proximity to the actual ones. And that is the true luxury, the reliable welth, the authentic beauty.