Libros Mutantes

Libros Mutantes is an independent project focused on the relationship between the publishing world and the visual arts, and which promotes each year the "Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair" which takes place in the socio-cultural center La Casa Encendida de Madrid. The purpose is to gather a wide selection of national and international art books, fanzines and independent publications.
The objective is the creation of a short-lived installation that will accommodate the exhibition of 36 international publishers and a cycle of conferences and events that has been attended by speakers of the caliber of Javier Mariscal and Kenneth Goldsmith.
The intervention reflects on the relationship between exhibitor and spectator, encouraging the exchange of information and experiences, and promoting an area of ​​reflection and close family relationship. The physical limits are dispersed favoring an exhibition space characterized by a continuous permeability and centered on the main stage.