dave&bella's Headquarters

The renovation of dave&bella’s headquarters is a typical contemporary urban renewal case: carving out new order within existing limits. The existing building is a 50m by 50m embroidery-manufacturing warehouse. The conventional and deep layout causes the lack of natural lighting and ventilation. The design introduced three light atriums to bring natural light to the interior. Meanwhile, six double-height glazed surfaces along both sides of the atriums establish rigorous spatial order. Ramps, corridors, and stairs running across the interior set up a rambling system connecting spaces with various scales and levels of privacy. This condensed transportation system is intended to stimulate users’ creativity and trigger the desire for spatial exploration. The renovation of the exterior facade is highlighted by large punch windows that are rotated by alternating angles, which not only improves the lighting condition but also brings a delightful accent to the monolithic building and endows it a more dynamic character.