The chimney

Through the combination of 3 simple wooden modules, painted by a Roman artist, we propose to create a scenario where people can feel comfortable in living the installation, and in the meantime give life to the place, thanks to the many situations that They come up with the approach of the three modules.
These ensure speed and ease of assembly combined with a good durability, and allow for bold and unique solutions, remaining below 3000 euros by creating more than 150 modules including lighting and tubing.
With these characteristics we can then create our 6m high, the fulcrum around which rotates the installation, which, thanks to the presence of common water nebulizers that spray the steam from the crown of the tower to the sky using the pressure of the nearby fountain , And the red and orange LED lights that illuminate the steam itself, succeeds in bringing the iaccara into "flames" in Potenza again, bringing the city back to its ancient tradition.