Mental Health Centre for Children

Thinking in a completely different way of well-known, basic topics and structures is always a big risk, but a great challenge as well. This kind of 'Rethinking' behavior led me to the decision of converting the isolated and rigid environment of an old factory into a mysterious mental health center for children. Examining the topic I found a strong duality in the needs of spaces: the intimacy, coziness and protection of a family house - as children's needs - are completed by the diversity and scale of the programme. The territory where family houses meet the diversity of functions led me to think of a village, which thought remained the basic principle of the planning. After analyzing some old villages I placed the function blocks around the chimney the same way as houses traditionally surround the church, creating a strong 'tower-chimney metaphor'. This kind of 'grown' architectural behavior allowed the dissolution of the corridor-based hospital schemes, creating hiding and protective places for the children. Giving a significance to the park around the chimney was an important part of the project, the various pavilions provide opportunity to integrate outdoor activities in the everyday-routine. This experiment tried to give a likeable environment to children with mental problems.