Hammetschwand Lift

The Hammetschwandlift built in 1905 by the central Swiss hotelier and railway pioneer Josef Bucher-Durrer is unique as a historical tourism facility and thus has European significance. In its history, the highest open-air lift of Europe, with 152.8 meters, has undergone various transformations. In the course of time, the cavern was lined and the entrance was covered.
Safety work on the rock had to be made to ensure of the safety of the lift. The building owner took this opportunity as an opportunity to revitalize the entrance hall.

Dolmus architects restore the original raw state of the cavern. The existing inner cover, wall and ceiling coverings, be broke down to the technically necessary spaces and the spatial staged rock.
The historic lift is protected and exposed in a free-standing glass body. The raw concrete floor is reworked and the cavern is finished with gunit. The entrance area and the canopy are lined with hot-galvanized gratings in a uniform and reserved manner. Functional luminaires from tunnel construction are used for lighting the cavern.