Awarded an honorable mention among 387 total proposals, MDDM Studio proposal ‘MALI square’ emphasizes flexibility in answer to the city’s complex urban situation. The proposed new contemporary art wing of MALI museum is a gridded system intended as connector between the museum’s historical exposition palace, the new addition, and the urban dimension of the surrounding avenues, parks and metro station. The proposal consists of three main areas: a sub-level gallery, sunken courtyard, and multi-level education center. By placing part of the functional program in the underground, the design take advantage of the setting to improve the environment quality such as the noise reduction in the sunken square as well as the thermal exchange with the soil for the underground art gallery and in the same time it integrates the volumes into the scene without drastically affecting the setting. Through the juxtaposition of voids and volumes, arranged in grid format, the proposal offers a diverse solution to effectively and elegantly resolve the competition requirements.