Cohesion: The blueprint for a united kingdom

The Rockefeller Foundation has tasked 100 cities, many of which are capital cities, to build greater resilience and a more inclusive economy. Cities are resilient when they are ‘united’. Inspired by ‘The Blazing World’ by Margaret Cavendish the Duchess of Newcastle, the 1666 novel follows a heroine who discovers a world where diversity and inventions work harmoniously together; the knowledge of which she would later transfer to save her homeland, the United Kingdom.

The thesis employs this hypothetical premise to ask ‘how can Britain be a truly united kingdom?’ and ‘what is the re-imagined role of capital cities to suggest new urban cohesive typologies’. ‘Cohesion’, the new capital city of the United Kingdom is located at the centre of the British Isles – the Isle of Man. It is the speculative driver and investigative model to cultivate accessibility, green sustainability and compassion. The narrative aims to re-unite an arguably broken Britain in the 21st century, providing for the disenfranchised generation within the UK and the increasing dislocated global communities. While the UK’s Parliament performs as the head of foreign policies, the Queen is the champion of national unity.