Varna Office Building

Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.

The structure is flat plate concrete on columns. The materials used are natural - stone, wood, concrete, aluminum, and finishing works are kept to a minimum. During construction, all the existing trees were protected and grass and vines were added to the inner courtyard.
The glass curtain wall has a 1m-module with panels supported on a black aluminum structure. Two types of IGUs with high insulating properties are used - transparent and translucent, with minimal detailing and unfilled joints.
The building is framed by blind walls, lined with flamed granite. The roof is part glazed and part reinforced concrete. The terraces are covered with wood slats.
The columns and slab edges are covered with oak-veneered MDF, which expresses the structure onto the facade through the varying densities of glass.
The stair railing is finished in the same wood. The stair has cantilevered steel treads, lined with granite slabs.
The ceiling and shear walls are exposed concrete, with the lighting built into pre-designed slots in the slabs.
The electrical and mechanical systems are installed in a raised floor. The flooring in the offices is wool carpet, and flamed granite on the first floor.