Balgrist Campus, Research Building

In positioning itself as the leading research institution for musculoskeletal research the building is being placed in direct proximity to the University Clinic Balgrist. The interdisciplinary interaction among patients, doctors, scientists, specialists and the industry will guarantee sustainability in its field. This ambitious and international research environment requires a new and innovative office and laboratory concept.
Located in front of the dormitory ward of the clinic the building is kept low to not obstruct any views of the lake from the ward. In the two floors above ground all technical facilities are arranged along the narrow side of the building. This enables clear views from one side of the building to the other. In addition, the floors are arranged in a “split-level” principle – a clever design strategy connecting views and creating spatial diversity.
The design of the building supplies for overall views, an open and flexible working environment which will enable optimal communication and interaction throughout the research institution.

Photos by Ruedi Walti