Private House Thommy

A single-storey house, an outdoor swimming pool, a small outbuilding and the surrounding wall running westwards and southwards made from a diverse range of stone combine to form a harmonious whole. A large, well-established group of trees creates the first impression, with the surrounding wall leading visitors to the entrance on the eastern site. By means of its east/west alignment the house is positioned over the basement of the previous structure and features a central living/eating and music room with freestanding kitchen area at its heart with a generous supply of light. Smaller rooms are connected to the living area in the north and south wings of the property, including offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. To reinforce the minimalist shapes, the windows on each façade combine to create a unified glazed frontage. The result is a generous interplay in all directions between the interior and exterior with varying character. To underscore the monolithic expression of the individual stones, the house and the orangery have been designed with pigmented insulating concrete, and the same pigment has also been used for the swimming pool and perimeter wall.

Photos by Ruedi Walti