The appointed project BERGMAL is a modern and functional refuge which fades invariably in each environments it occupies. It draws its energy and its raw materials from the nature of the grounds surrounding it. That is why we wanted to give it this name which means “ the echo “ and could be translated by “ the language of rocks “ and still “ the language of mountains “. The project allies esthetics of minimal architecture to the efficiency of ancestral processes to protect itself from the harshness of the climate. To answer the constraints of construction , transportation and adaptability, we thought the cabin as of an assembly of two complementary layers: A first structural layer is composed of transportable light concrete panels by helicopter. They are can be assemble on-site or as bigger parts before transportation so as to form a hull put on feet. Feets are adaptable to the slope of any terrain. The panel of light concrete (75 Kg/m2) presents great properties in term of mechanical resistance and fire resistance, as well as a high level in term of heat and acoustic insulation. This shell is then covered by wired mesh compartments called gabion. They are very light, strong, easy to implement and readily adaptable . The goal is to fill them with rock material and substrate taken in situ. Because of the nature of their material and greater or lesser presence of cavities , they provide micro- habitats and natural microclimates conducive to native biodiversity . Then, the shelter merge with surrounding mineral and plants to limit its visual impact. This second skin gives good thermal inertia that changes with the environment in the manner of a camouflage. The internal space was optimized to be at the same time functional, esthetical and spacious. He allows to receive 10 people in a comfortable and honorable way and includes a sleeping zone, arrangements, a table, a kitchen, toilets, a bathroom and the technical elements necessary for the smooth running of the refuge. The raw concrete of the internal walls make itself modest in front of observable landscapes through the wide glass windows. Because of the high and relatively homogeneous distribution of many hot springs , the shelter incorporates a geothermal system of heat recovery and electricity production. Water is also captured in the basement and made drinkable by filters . Wastewater is evacuated and treated by a septic tank . The complementarity of these devices gives allow the selter to be self-sufficient and can be installed all around on the island.