Volumes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of DIVISARE BOOKS present Australian photographer Rory Gardiner’s research on contemporary museum space and its various interpretations, in a visual journey from Japan to Mexico, from Germany to the United States. Architectural photography is now one of the most important mediums for recording, documenting, communicating and sharing architecture and constructed space. It is able to convey the dimensions and character of a place, as well as the emotions associated with it.   
An architectural publication would be unthinkable without such images. In the digital era architectural photographers have acquired a new role (despite the enduring and increasing silence of the critics), which goes beyond mere documentation: they have become both interpreters and authors. Their visual language determines the way we perceive the contemporary constructed space. Their vision is crucial to the way we see and understand contemporary architecture. Their reflections on the reality not only document the constructed space, but also reveal it to us. Architectural Photography is a DIVISARE BOOKS series devoted to photographers and to their stories told through images.

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