5 October - 11 December
Various locations, Lisbon

Under the title The Form of Form, and aimed at a national and international audience, this 4th edition of the Lisbon Triennale sets out to further the debate the ways in which the world is transformed through architecture. See the complete events programme here.
Until 22 October
Architektur Galerie, Berlin

A building’s design incorporates countless other findings as well, from experiences gained from the development of previous projects to critical considerations on general architectural issues. The latter are particularly important, since architects are involved in a permanent process of cultural reflection. Documenting this process in a sketchbook is a centuries-old tradition. This collection of associative and documentary entries often culminates in the emergence of one’s own conceptual universe. It is this issue in particular that OBRA Architects have made the focal point of their exhibition. With their abundance of drawings and notes, sketchbooks can be read as a critical commentary on the architectural projects they address. Pablo Castro and Jennifer Lee take this a (crucial) step further: instead of customarily showing single open spreads, they take apart the sketchbooks and rearrange the pages into tableaus. (Text from AGB)