FOMU - Museum of Photography Antwerp

The Antwerp Photo Museum's ground floor harmonizes industrial charm with modern architecture, blending the warehouse's utilitarian appeal with Georges Baines' 1986 extension. Notably, it features dual entrances, albeit seemingly mismatched in purpose. The museum entrance, modest yet expansive, overlooks South Park, while the cinema entrance, more grandiose, hides in a side street. Addressing potential visitor confusion, interventions were made, including distinct floor coloring—subtle yellow for the museum and vibrant green for the cinema—and a "soft boundary" curtain, adaptable for events. The ticket counter's redesign enhances accessibility and prominence. Additional features include a flexible layout for the museum shop, a lecture stage, shared facilities, and a strategically positioned cinema ticket booth. Contemporary elements unify the space, creating a cohesive environment.

Photos by Luis Diaz Diaz