KWS HQ Berlin

A handful of seeds, a cultivated field, a rich harvest. Nothing against a little rural romance – but it is a bit dusty. Modern seeds have long been developed in hi-tech laboratories and hold incredible potential: They are adapted to the respective climate and soil, increase yields and reduce the use of pesticides. Seeds are also the specialty of KWS, a traditional, independent family company in its 6th generation. KWS started its journey to be amongst the world‘s top seed manufacturers from its headquarters in rural Einbeck and is now opening a new office location – in the heart of Berlin.

KWS has moved into the new office and commercial complex “Im Wirtschaftswunder” in the Schöneberg district. The former headquarters of a bank from the 1980s lay unused – and has been revitalized by Kinzo. The environment: an urbanity reflecting the breaks in the history of the city, rugged, formed, authentic, developing rapidly in its own rhythm. But how does a medium-sized seed company from the rural Südniedersachsen fit into such a cauldron?

Kinzo designed the simple answer to this contradiction: urbanity meets modern agriculture.