A secret garden: recovery of the interior courtyard in an old cellar and warehouse complex.

The construction of a house attached to an architectural complex of great value, formed by a cellar, barns and warehouses around a patio, allowed to keep frozen in time this high potential space for more than 50 years.
The intervention recovers the original access to the main street through a hallway, making use of the existing architecture to frame a new patio-garden. A microperforated steel enclosure is inserted into the existing arch that protects the intermediate space of the hall while filtering the image of the garden that is incorporated as a picture, rigorously composed: the abandoned stone ashlars in the courtyard, repositioned as a new invented archeology, the ancient piles of stone and water, the vegetation and the changing light and the wall, the visual horizon of the composition that cuts in the sky the profile of the roofs of the population.
All this constructs the order of a new inhabited enclosure, protected by the existing architecture and nuanced by a new steel latticework, that in route from the house discovers the entrance to a small secret garden.