Doctors Office

Elias Baumgarten, Heiteres Raumwunder


Doctors Office featured in a 1940 residential building

The Innsbruck Borough of Pradl witnessed extensive construction activity in the 1940s. Above all, the “Sonderaktion“ for immigrants from the southern Part of Tyrol - following the „Option“ Agreements of Nazi Germany with fascist Italy - had created demands for hundreds of flats to be erected in a Quarter south west of the River Sill. At that time in the Prinz Eugen Straße a long lane of residential buildings with 140 flats for civil servants working for the „Reich“ was built, including shops and a post office on the ground floor. This building complex, owned by the Austrian State after WW2, has been sold successively to private owners by the BUWOG in 2012. Initially the outskirts of the town, the area is now a much sought after centre - close residential area for a growing number of residents, there is a lot of extension, renovation and densification going on changing the character of the area. Helga Flotzinger’s plan for a doctor's office in the area is paying tribute to these changes. She has managed to add an air of ease and lightness to the heavy Nazi flair of the brown coated, brushed concrete of the initial edifice, creating a vital landmark of open and transparent architecture influencing the whole area.