Yueyue Bookstore

Zhida Bookstore is a 94 sq.m bookstore that has been operating for more than a decade on Guoquan road, near Fudan University. With the trend of both online and offline development of Internet retailers, owners hope to transform the bookstore to interact with their well-performing online bookstores. But will the bookstore be transformed into a liberal arts bookstore that teachers and students like, or an easy fashion reading space for the general public? This makes the owner hesitate. We want to have these two bookstore types with different temperament at the same time, thus we designed two bookstores in one place: the liberal arts bookstore winds like a library promenade, wrapping in the relaxed and inclusive general bookstore. The two are independent. They only meet at the head and tail. Different readers enter the corresponding reading space from the two in one butterfly-like entrance door, and meet at the end.