The Leisure Studio


Juha Kaakko
Ilkka Laine
Kimmo Aslak Liimatainen
Jari Tirkkonen

Text editor Anneleen Van Ingh

The Leisure Studio was a small studio designed by 4 Finnish students of architecture, who were later nicknamed ”The Group” by international media. In order to maintain maximum control, the whole project was conceived, funded and designed by the architects themselves, and built mainly with their own hands during 1989-1992.

The translucent forest studio was conceived as a flexible and versatile summer house, not intended for winter use. It would allow various artists to live and work together and facilitate free artistic cross-discipline thinking. A dark central core of stone, also acting as a thermal store, contained a small kitchen, washing facilities and a sauna. The transparent skin of the building consisted of individual polycarbonate sheets affixed to the wooden structure by means of clear adhesive tape.