Located in Northern part of İzmir,Ulukent 35th Street Project is formed by the topography of its context. The site is a steep slope which has 60 meters difference in height.

The project is a 2 kilometers long curvilinear circulation spine which extends and grows into private spaces, social amenities as well as infrastructural facilities. Spine arrayed along the slope, provides a range of public and private spaces including cafes, bookshops and common spaces and creates a dynamic geneaolgy. This plan allows unique views overlooking green fields along the corridor, opens up range of different sequences along the spine.

An archetypical section of the project consists of a continuos underground driveway between parking lots on both sides, a pedestrian street above, and townhouses attached to it. This scheme allows optimized distances between car-parks and the houses, which also helps gaining green areas by embedding parking lots underground.