H residence

A couple with a quiet cat are the key points of the peaceful H. residence. The Husband and wife are used to staying abroad for long periods of time. In their daily life, they appreciate everything related to reading and art contemplation. The driving concept of the H. Residence is to capture the peaceful reading atmosphere of a library. The basic principle for this place is to “keep it open”. With plywood and black boxes, we can define the living room, the studio, the dining room and the entrance. The bookshelf wall displays a large opening in its center that gives the place a soothing sense of depth. Daylight can flood that space through the large opening. It also gives the dining room, that is in garish blue, an added sense of depth and makes it an ideal place for gathering and wine tasting with friends. The white and gray with different textured backgrounds present classic furniture that is the main point of interest of the H. residence.

Photos by Hey!Cheese