Ground floor with patio

This time we find an old plaster molding shop in the heart of Gracia neighbourhood, in Barcelona. Located on the ground floor of a building of the early twentieth century, it was a place without light due to its small patio and few openings in the facades. It has been abandoned for decades; it had neither a bathroom nor a kitchen; the interior consisted of only two rooms.
However, the heights of the ceilings and wooden beams, a very common characteristic of the buildings of the time, together with a space in the back of the building, favoured the realization of a unique project.

The main objective was clear; allow the entrance of light in all the new rooms of the house. The Functional Program required three rooms including two bathrooms and a living room where the kitchen was an important part of it.

In order to achieve this, we need two key actions, expanding the patio by knocking down adjacent buildings located on the upper floor and joining the back space with the local by making the patio become the main concept of the project, through which the rooms were articulated.

Foto di José Hevia