MR.ML House

The demolition and reconstruction work, with enlargement and cant, starts from the study of the building potential of the area and the location of preexistences in the lot, especially in relation to property boundaries. This careful initial analysis has made it possible to exploit the distances from the pre-existing boundaries to give to the house the widest possible garden, well-exposed to the sun's movement and well protected against the winds. Typologically, the two-storey building is characterized by simple and linear forms. The very shape of the building, the choice to dig a vacuum in its full to make it a large veranda, as well as the choice of the prominent roofing, stems from an ad hoc study of the passive behavior of the building in relation to energy dispersions, thermal recovery and solar irradiation. The designer-customer-builder synergy was the common denominator of all phases of intervention, from project to realization.