Nanyuki participatory plan, agriculture and local community

LafargeHolcim Awards 2016/17 I Nanyuki participatory plan, agriculture and local community.
Mariacristina Agnello, Maria Rosario Bruno, Maria Irene Lattarulo, Gianluca Gnisci, Inés Martín-Roldán & Massimiliano Cafagna.

The project is the response to two of the main societal challenges of Nanyuki, i.e. the efficient water management and the empowerment of groups in risk of social exclusion. It foresees the construction of a centre for training on sustainable agriculture and a new urban plan to collect and distribute water that includes the rehabilitation of the city riversides and the installation of dew and fog collecting nets.
The centre and activities foreseen for it have been developed in cooperation with the Furaha Foundation and a network of NGOs working in the region to respond to local needs. It will integrate hydroponic crops, rooftop collection water and passive ventilation system. From societal perspective the centre will host a community radio to foster the integration of underserved groups.