Hallstatt Technical College

Four pavilions to extend classroom and workshop buildings

Carpentry, boat building and instrument making are just three examples of the woodworking skills taught at the federal higher technical college (HTL/HTBLA) in the southern district of Hallstatt, a village in the Austrian Salzkammergut region. As varied as the 140-year-old institute's course offerings was the space allocation that had to be taken into account during the required extension, realised on behalf of the public body maintaining the institute, Austria's Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (or federal real-estate organisation, BIG), starting in 2011. The school complex was extended in four stages, each carefully reflecting the individual position and utilisation of the new additions. Consequently, four pavilion-like buildings were created that sensibly capture the spatial distribution of existing stock and, in doing so, further develop the surrounding village pattern on a sympathetic scale.

Photos by Gregor Graf