Concrete Nest

The Project

Our proposal for the project of a canteen and a library for the school of LiangMeng consists in a reinterpretation of a Chinese traditional building that, for the need of containing the costs, it’s been mostly realized with one of the cheapest material in China: concrete.
The two squared volumes, obtained by the casting bamboo formwork, appear rigorous and strict on the outside, but on the inside they offer a mixture of tactic and visual sensations thanks to the color scheme painted on the wrinkled surface of the walls and also to how the hardwood floor was modeled. The view of the panorama is framed in squared windows to let a natural light to light up two environments where children can be peaceful and comfortable thanks to the optimization of the spaces. The two buildings are tangential along a corner and covered by a traditional wooden covering made of a stone work roof tile. They create an intimate courtyard where everyone can distract in a peaceful and safe environment.